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Foolishness or madness?

Published:Saturday | February 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

This is in response to Peter Espeut's 'Overhaul GSAT' published on Friday, February 5.

Is it foolishness or madness? Some 24 years ago The Gleaner published two articles I wrote on the matter that used data/facts to show this racial/sexual discrimination that is retarding our nation - Professor Mills wrote a related book during that period. The genesis is in the racist colonial period that denied black males an education and forced them on to plantations (e.g., US farm work).

educational opportunities

It became socialised to such an extent that many believed that it was better for a woman to be educated than a man, as "everyone would know her business". Then the International Decade for Women institutionalised this sexism by mandating more educational opportunities for women.

This included allowing female dominant certificate fields, to matriculate into UWI such as teaching, nursing, etc., but not the traditional male fields such as agriculture, architecture, engineering, etc.

Just as Mary Wollstonecraft, supported by John Stuart Mills, argued that the US nation could not advance with only half its population being properly educated, Jamaica needs to face reality and provide an equitable education system that will develop our budding male scientist, engineers, administrators, etc. Otherwise, Jamaica will continue to replicate the US's black ghettos, or even worse!

I am, etc.,

Richard G. Williams, MSM

Department of Research & Evaluation

School District of Palm

Beach County, Florida