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NCU bulletin: A slice of life at Northern Caribbean University: a student's perspective

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

As hard as I might have tried, I could not have imagined that spring semester 2010 would have started like this.

There were no cordial introductions, no standing and telling to eager listeners my major, hometown, favourite food, favourite animal or future occupation (I suppose as part of the second half of a yearlong course, these regular formalities would have indeed seemed nonsensical). My first class began with a spirited discussion on how to relieve stress ... which turned out to be more of a stress-reliever than I could have ever hoped for!

As laughter flowed around me, I realised that all I needed to be relaxed was to be around some good friends and one hilarious lecturer. Class took on a whole new meaning with my second, Steel Pan. Setting up the pans within cramped confines proved a formidable task but the exasperation vanished as their first mellow strains echoed throughout the room. My excitement was as tangible as the music filling the air. I could not believe my classmates and I were the ones making such beautiful music! This semester was shaping up to be an exciting one.

Each teacher brought his or her own unique flavour to my class sampling. One began with a profuse apology for being three minutes late and a vow that it would never happen again. I believe her. Another spent the first class session giving us a pep-talk on what it would take to do well in the course - content, context and concept. Yet another gave us her personal spin on devotions and made sure we were all introduced, all 80-plus of us! But each one was welcoming, warm and somewhat reassuring.

I knew I was not 'supposed' to be enjoying classes, that would be breaking the age-old, unwritten college rule! But, I seemed to be having a hard time remembering that fact during the actual sessions. Somewhere between interaction with my friends, stress over my first seemingly mammoth assignment and excitement over a new topic to be explored, I began to remember why I enjoyed the NCU learning experience. Classes have begun and, to be honest, I could not have imagined a better start.