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UCC report: 'Registered' status with University of London, UCC students gain access to facilities and networks!

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The University of London (UOL) External System has a long and distinguished history of working with educational institutions around the world including the University College of the Caribbean (UCC).

We have been successful in preparing UOL students for their examinations. As an independent institution, UCC plays a crucial role in supporting and preparing students for examinations for programmes offered through the UOL External System.

To help guide students towards quality institutions, and to ensure that such institutions receive comprehensive support from the system, UOL introduced a framework through which it recognises institutions that meet a certain set of quality criteria. Depending on which set of criteria are met, an institution is awarded either affiliate centre or registered-centre status through the framework known as the Institutions Policy Framework.

UCC a registered centre

In light of the importance of such an institution, the External System introduced the framework which provides a more formal basis for such relationships with institutions that meet a set of specific quality criteria. It is against this background that UCC has been awarded the status of registered centre.

In order to be recognised as a registered centre, an institution's standards (in respect of teaching, support and administration) must be of a level acceptable to the UOL for the purposes of supporting external students in preparing for examinations

To gain recognition, UCC needed to apply for admission to the UOL framework. To do this, it submitted a self-evaluation document (SED), after which a review panel visited the institution to meet with staff and students and inspected the institution's facilities. UCC then undertook a range of quality assurance procedures, including annual monitoring and periodic review exercises. An institution should normally have several years of successfully supporting external students before applying for recognition.

the candidacy phase

A key aspect of the recognition process is the candidacy phase. Once an institution enters this phase, it becomes eligible to receive support in a variety of areas from the External System including access to study material; appropriate virtual-learning environment and marketing support. UCC enjoys the highest level of support from UOL and has had a relationship with that institution for more than six years.

The type of support that UCC provides includes weekend/Sunday classes, part-time weekday classes, and occasional revision sessions. In addition to access to tuition and pastoral support, by studying at UCC, students gain access to a range of facilities and opportunities to network with other External System students.