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Lessons from Haiti

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dr Robin Osbourne

Civil Engineer, UTech

A critical structural review of health facilities is needed. If nothing else is standing we need to ensure that there is critical intervention to ensure that these facilities are standing after the event.

Dr Parris Lyew-Ayee

Mona GeoInformatics

Institute, UWI

We need more equipment and technology to help persons and agencies, such as the Earthquake Unit, to gather all the data that can help pre and post the earthquake.

Ronald Jackson

Executive Director, ODPEM

What struck me is what happened in the rest of Haiti. Port-au-Prince was the impact and it shows the importance of strengthening your local government mechanism and the capacity of the other outlying areas to provide leadership and coordination to deal with this kind of event.

Chris Hinds

GM, NEM Insurance


We need to take a realistic look at the risks that Jamaica would face, and we need to start talking now with the international agencies which might be asked to provide assistance.

Dr Sonia Copeland

Ministry of Health

We need to invest time and resources at the community level in training the small units which will need to respond.

Franklin McDonald

Institute of Sustainable

Development, UWI

We need to quickly begin a review of seismic safety and we need to urgently pull all the pieces together.

David Chung

President, Jamaica Institute

of Engineers

We spent a lot of man hours doing voluntary work to put the code together and we need to get it legislated now.

Dr Lyndon Brown

Head, Earthquake Unit

There is a need for proper equipment to monitor the earthquake and to get all the information you can get because without the proper instruments we are only touching the minor parts.

Errol Alliman

Jamaica Red Cross

The importance of having a plan to quickly establish command and control. We can see, because of the lack of cohesion and the amount of confusion there was, how long it took for relief to get to certain people and certain areas.