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Grooving with Rum Bar Rum

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Keith Brown lymes with Nicole Grant (left) and Shelly-Ann Douglas at the Worthy Park Estate/Rum Bar Rum customer and staff appreciation party, held at Heather's Garden Restaurant, Haining Road, New Kingston, on Friday, January 29. - Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

There was a groovy place to be on Friday, January 29 and it had nothing to do with Jazz and Blues.

The happenings down at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium didn't concern anybody at Heather's Garden Restaurant on Haining Road, as the Worthy Park Estate execs hosted a customer and staff appreciation party. The emphasis was on one product, Worthy Park's Rum Bar Rum. And the crew behind the brand, as well as others from the company's various operations, had a great time seeing out the last Friday in January.

Rum Bar Rum is fast becoming a favourite among the drinking public. Its smoothness is one of its many attributes, and no doubt it was the liquor of choice at the party, guests chasing it with the usual suspects, cranberry juice, water and soda. The Rum Bar models ensured that they represented their brand to the max, as they lymed and partied with guests.

And don't worry, the DJ more than played his part, with some hit selections from all genres that kept the hips and feet moving. Speeches and parties do not go together, save for a toast or two. But most times, it's best to leave the talk to the guests as they enjoy the grub and libations. And Friday, January 29 was definitely the night for that.

Guests out included: Gordon and Micky Clarke, veteran singer Bunny Brown, Keisha Nesbeth, Jordanna Duhaney, Sharine Scarlett, Peta-Gaye Sibblis, Dana Hall, Andrew Bellamy, Charles Brown, Georgia Bennett, Tanya Allgrove and Sean Grant.

Monica Ladd (left) enjoys a drink while Joan McConnell seems to need a refill. Waiter!

Paul (left) and Becky Stockhausen party with Peter McConnell, Worthy Park Estate boss.

Worthy Park Estate's Gordon Clarke (left) seems like we caught him off-guard as he chats with Keith Brown.