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Body magic

Published:Monday | February 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Latoya Grindley, Gleaner Writer

Left: BEFORE: A snug-fitting dress emphasises abdomen and hips. Right: AFTER: Look at her now! Appearing much slimmer, Whitney has no obvious bulges, giving her a clean and finished look in this fab red dress, thanks to the Body Magic. Dress available at Nickosi Urban Chic for $21,000 plus tax and bracelet $8,900.

You have the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day but are concerned that you may not have the perfect body. The gym is a possible option, but time is against you and surgery just sounds too far-fetched; all you desire is an immediate change, even if it's temporary.

Launched in Jamaica about a month ago, the Ardyss Body Magic is an option made to address certain problem areas for women. According to a distributor of the product, Dr Dorothea Dayley, the Body Magic is worn as an undergarment. It is available in different sizes, and the distributor and medical practitioner notes that it should not be mistaken for a girdle. "This is not a girdle; it is a body reshaper, which transports fat, resulting in a shapely figure".

Developed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Leonel Kelly, the Body Magic allows women to get the ideal figure in an instant. Available in three colours, black, white and beige, the undergarment immediately gives a lift and camouflages problem areas through its firm coverage. "It is almost like plastic surgery without a knife", says Dayley.

Other than its ability to give women the perfect or near-perfect figure, this garment is also used to promote weight loss. "It helps in losing weight, especially if you wear it every day. I don't wear mine every day because sometimes I am rushing to get to work, but for the times that I have worn it, I have seen that my regular clothes are fitting differently. There is someone I know who started wearing a size 34 and in about 2 and a half weeks, she is now down to a size 30," highlights Dayley.

Made from thermogenic material, Body Magic aids in fat burning. It is also said that, if worn regularly, the body will begin to contour to the shape of the undergarment.

Flair got a first-hand look at what the garment can do to allow women to get that immediate lift and coverage. And with Valentine's Day approaching, this could perhaps be a wonderful item to add to your wardrobe. It could allow you to achieve that fabulous shape or hide a particular area, and score a full 10. Once you like what you see in the mirror, your confidence and attitude will be boosted.

Models Whitney Wright and Roxan Evans were styled at Nickosi Urban Chic. It is located at Shop #23, Central Plaza, Kingston.

Other benefits the of Body Magic:

1. Corrects posture and straightens back

2. Helps reduce waist

3. Flattens abdomen

4. Lifts buttocks

5. Thins hips

For more information contact 920-6293.

Dr Dorothea Dayley can testify to the effects of the body magic. A local distributor, she also wears the undergarment.

Front view of the Body Magic has a bit of feminine detail to it with laces. Among other benefits, it lifts the breasts and emphasises the buttocks.

( l - r ) BEFORE: For many mothers like Roxan, the stomach can become a problem area. This top, because of its body-hugging fit, shows up the fat around her waist and abdomen.
AFTER: Bulge no more as the Body Magic has worked magic, making Roxan's protruding stomach vanish. A belt is used to accentuate her stomach area. Clothing available at Nickosi Urban Chic: top $3,960, belt $1,100, leggings $2,300 and bracelet $1,100 all plus tax.