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Driver impatience

Published:Monday | February 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Impatience can cause you to become irritable, stressed, dissatisfied and upset. If you lose patience easily, you may be considered to have an anger-management problem. You may exhibit outbursts of anger and disgust. You may become sour towards everything in life.

This type of behaviour is quite noticeable in Montego Bay, especially among motorists.

There is an extreme danger associated with this kind of behaviour in that once an individual runs out of patience, he or she is literally out of possession of his or her normal thinking.Persons can hurt each other in the process or even contribute to the harm of innocent persons.

I became very conscious of this behaviour on my initial visit to St James Street, Montego Bay. I was walking along the sidewalk when I heard the constant loud blowing of horns by motorists.At first, I believed there was an emergency but when the noise continued, I was alarmed to realise that one driver just merely wanted to get ahead of the other. I could hear nothing else, not even the person next to me, with whom I was having a conversation.

Horns are for emergencies

Automobile horns are installed for emergency reasons and should only be used as required.Non-thinking drivers blow their horns for no real reason.This practice is very evident in Montego Bay; it is so annoying to operate in the city.

There is even worse danger, both in and on the outskirts of the city, where the rules of the road are totally ignored.Drivers use the road to suit themselves.The terms 'yield' and 'give way' do not exist in the Montego Bay version of the road code. If one is new to the area, only the grace of God will save you from an accident or possibly death.

Something needs to be done about this situation in Montego Bay.There might not be any possibility of changing all the people but I am sure that legislation can curb the potential danger that is out there on the road.

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