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Boyne on Rex: an appreciation

Published:Monday | February 8, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

As a Jamaican reading about and watching my Jamaica from Germany, I am always impressed by Ian Boyne's articles (though I do not always agree with some of his perspectives).

After reading the article on Professor Rex Nettleford ('Why Rex matters') on February 7, I felt I got a picture of not only a great Jamaican but an outstanding human being.

I have always been aware of Professor Nettleford and his passion, the National Dance Theatre Company, and I suppose had I gone to UWI I might have been fortunate to have been in his presence or have him as a lecturer.

I am a proud graduate of Northern Caribbean University but nevertheless, I feel like I missed out.

Irreplaceable man

His death has left a void in the Jamaican consciousness that will not be easily filled. Boyne did an excellent job of painting a portrait of a friend and mentor. I have been further inspired to continue learning about this great Jamaican scholar through his many writings.

He was indeed "not just a great human being. He was a great human beam".

Ian, thank you and do continue your work of beaming light through your well-written and thoughtful articles.

I am, etc.,

Barbara Gilchrist