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Published:Tuesday | February 9, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Explanation on water needed

We, the citizens of this country, would like an explanation from the National Water Commission (NWC) and, by extension, the Government as to its plans to address the current water problems being experienced by a great number of our residents.

It is clearly not enough to just keep imposing restrictions. After all, this will not full the dams. We need to know if they intend to build more reservoirs, or if they intend to build more pipelines to channel water from rivers to the reservoirs. In my opinion, this is clearly needed as every hour millions of gallons of water empty into the sea from our rivers.

What are the plans in place to de-silt the Mona Reservoir to allow for greater catchment capacity?

We cannot just sit idly by and wait for the next hurricane to fill the dams. The problems we are now facing is based on this and previous governments' failure to implement proper catchment facilities. They are not being proactive, but reactive which is a sure recipe for disaster.

- Norman Brown

Go Tufton, go

Dr Tufton and his ministry is Jamaica's best hopes. what would life be in Jamaica if all ministers copy the performance of Dr Tufton and the Ministry of Agriculture? Go Tufton, don't stop now, you and your ministry are Jamaica's best hope.

- Courtney Edwards

Rename North Street

There have been discussions in some circles, started, I believe, by Errol Huie, a former student at St Geroge's College, and Karl Oxford, a past student of Kingston College, to rename North Street Gibson-Wilson Boulevard, in honour of the great contributions made to Jamaica by Bishop Percival Gibson and Monsignor Gladstone Wilson. Both gentlemen rose from very humble beginnings in Jamaica to become leaders of national and international importance. Both attended St George's College situated on North Street. In the case of Bishop Gibson, who became Anglican Lord Bishop of Jamaica, went on to found Kingston College, also located on North Street.

Both men were of academic brilliance, rising to great heights that was then very rare for men of their colour.

In a Jamaica today, when our boys, in particular, need all the inspiration to aspire to great and noble things, there could be no better target for our youths to shoot at. I call on the powers that be, and all good and proud Jamaicans, to support this initiative and let us soon have a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Gibson-Wilson Boulevard.

- Julian 'Jingles' Reynolds