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Published:Wednesday | February 10, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Aren't you ashamed,Mr MP?

I am asking the member of parliament (MP) for East Rural St Andrew to fix the road in a district called Dublin Castle. It is two miles from Gordon Town, off the Mavis Bank main road. The road is a disgrace. Not even donkeys can walk on it, yet these people are paying taxes too.

That road has not been fixed since the 1980s. Aren't you ashamed, Mr MP, whomever you are?

- Concerned Citizen

Remembering a great man

Thanks to Sir Hilary Beckles for a most inspiring eulogy. May I join him in remembrance of a great man.

Dancing through the corridors of time into the eternity of our minds.

Recreating the past and memories of our culture left behind.

Language of our ancestors in words and dance, your lyrics, your dance, invoking a spiritual trance.

Royal Black.

Gliding through time on the wings of words, expressing our hopes, our dreams, our goals,

Claiming our heritage, the traditions of living souls, liberating our minds from the burden of shame.

Royal Black.

Now you dance with the spirit of our ancestors, reasoning with the elders and Great Creator.

Forever, Spirit of the Royal Black.

- Hugh Scott

Left in the darkregarding IMF

The issue perplexing many of us these days in Jamaica is what 'goodies' does the bag carrying the International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal hold. The situation seems almost life-threatening, seeing that many of us do not have in our possession a letter of intent. We are left in the dark and are only being given little shimmers of light in newscasts and the print media. Radio talk shows try to decipher and break down details of the agreement, however, the average Jamaican is left hanging on semantics and financial terminology.

We have come so far since Independence and yet matters of grave concern are understood by a few and the remainder are left with the consequences of the actions of the few who interpret the information. It is not fair to us, the average citizens of this country, and we demand better from our political representatives. How many of them even attempted to offer some form of clarification to those they claim to serve?

We have to say enough is enough. This IMF deal and its ramifications have been treated like a Pentagon project - top secret, minimal intelligence, a kind of "if-I-tell-you-I'll-have-to-kill-you" scenario.

All we need is our Government and other stakeholders in the scheme of things to let us know, without cover-ups, how this deal will affect us in the simplest of terms and what we need to do to make this impending reality work for us, not against us.

- Sacha Lambert