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What a shame!

Published:Thursday | February 11, 2010 | 12:00 AM


Today, I heard a caller telling the radio host about the brilliant people she knew, who studied at the University of Technology (UTech). She went on and on about these bright people at this famous UTech. But where are they in this age of technological know-how? Why is there no water at UTech, to the extent that a heavyweight was on radio, only last week, asking students to stay away from the campus, especially when they don't have lectures?

What a shame, when some of them live under adverse conditions, in the vicinity of UTech, and escape to study on the campus for which they have paid dearly.

Local residents

People in the area have been suffering for more than 30 years where the 'no water', 'low water' situation is concerned, but I never thought that when the name was changed from CAST to UTech the big men would be whining for water, like the rest of us.

I thought technology would be taken seriously, and having engineered water on the Old Hope Road campus, they would fuss about the Trelawny property. Instead, I hear of malfunctioning air-conditioning units which first-year engineer students should be taught to maintain (and avoid fires).

University of what?

Students are on the streets looking for water to bathe and to do their laundry. They can't study under those conditions. Besides, it looks bad.

Can the UTech try to live up to its name, work out a meaningful water-on-campus programme with the hundreds of engineers, present and past, young and old, and fix the problem, as soon as possible? Yes, UTech, you can dig your own well.

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