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Published:Friday | February 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dennie Quill got it right!

Dennie Quill, You are right on the money! You have to wonder who is more gullible, the Jamaicans who were naive enough to believe such returns were legally possible, or the learned lawyer who believed a stranger's proclamation on such a matter without verification. There's not much difference between them.

- One Love


How was people's money spent?

I read your article in today's Gleaner and concur with your observations.

There is a point that I have contended with my friends about ... it is this: Can we not compel Carlos Hill et al to say how and where the people's money have been spent? And second, compel him to bring back any money that may be abroad?

It seems to me that we are content with allowing him to do as he pleases while the suffering victims wait on his favours.

I still find it funny that CashPlus had billboard advertisements and occupied premier real estate offices in New Kingston and the FSC and other governmental bodies did nothing to restrain the operation for such an extended period of time. Shouldn't those bodies be made to account as well?

- R. Moore

What now for NDTC?

One cannot help but wonder if there will be a crisis in the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) with the passing of the artistic director and founder, Professor Rex Nettleford.

The last annual season which marked the group's 48th anniversary revealed a paucity in choreography and the usual artistic brilliance the group had been known for.

The passing of Professor Nettleford will certainly highlight the cracks that have been appearing in the company over the past few years.

The absence of the multi-talented choreographer, Arlene Richards, over the last few seasons has been noticeable.

Richards, whom Nettleford lauded as a triple-threat artist and total product of the NDTC training, had contributed significantly in choreography and costume design. Her works are surely missed.

Richards, who was noticed in the auditorium of the Little Theatre during last season's performances, was, however, a positive sign.

Perhaps this is the time for regrouping so that this great legacy can continue.

- Devoted fan of the NDTC