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Students raise funds for Haitian quake victims

Published:Friday | February 12, 2010 | 12:00 AM

In response to the suffering caused as a result of the occurrence of a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti on January 12, students of Immaculate Conception High School (ICHS) and St George's College (STGC) came together in a show of care and support to gather funds for the victims of the earthquake.

The students of both schools collected almost $300,000 and handed over the funds to Food For the Poor Jamaica for use in the relief efforts. In a recent special assembly at Immaculate Con-ception, representatives of the prefect body of both schools, in the presence of hundreds of Immaculate students, proudly presented a cheque to Ryan Peralto, CEO of Food For the Poor Jamaica.

Head boy of STGC, Craig-Anthony Jervis, in presenting the cheque, said "When we saw the images of the suffering, we were moved to assist; the students did not hesitate at all and made their personal contributions to the cause."

The spirit at ICHS was similar. Head girl, Samantha Powell, said, "The girls were all moved to contribute ... we did not have any special fund-raising activities, e.g., cake sale or concert, the girls simply made their personal contributions once they heard about the drive to raise funds. We, too, have seen the images of the devastation and could not help but reach out to our neighbours in Haiti."


Ryan Peralto, in expressing thanks to the students, said, "We are humbled by this contribution, we are really heartened by the spirit of care and concern demonstrated by this selfless contribution to the relief efforts in Haiti."

The students are keen to offer a more lasting contribution to the recovery efforts and have expressed a desire to adopt a school in Haiti.

Peralto told his audience that much of Food For the Poor's assistance will be directed towards rebuilding homes for those who are now homeless. FFP has an office in Haiti, which is playing an integral role in the relief efforts.

'When we saw the images of the suffering, we were moved to assist ... '