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Tokens of love

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dayna Raynor, Gleaner Writer

True love deserve genuine tokens of affection. This Valentine's Day, treat your significant other, a friend, or even a family member to precious metals and stones. Gifts that will last and represent your love forever are what counts this year.

  • Name pendants
  • While these are preferably for women, they can be modified for men as well. These small delicate pendants are perfect; the fact that they can be customised will show your significant other how thoughtful you are..

  • Diamond earrings
  • These have been a classic token of affection for centuries. They are beautiful and last forever. Perhaps that's why they mean so much to so many women. If you are going to give something as outstanding as a this, make sure it's for someone you truly love and think highly of.

  • Perfumes and colognes
  • Buy your valentine a lovely scent you both can enjoy. This is a universal Valentine's Day gift; whether you have known the person for a month or a year, it will always be appropriate.

  • Sterling silver jewels
  • From rings to necklaces, these jewels have a glistening shiny finish that are a must-have accessory. They are long-lasting, extremely durable and generally affordable. A perfect gift for anyone this Valentine's Day.