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Donohue Williams chasing 800m gold

Published:Saturday | February 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Kingston College's Donohue Williams.

Ryon Jones, Gleaner Writer

The Boys and Girls' Champion-ships will be celebrating its 100th year when action gets under way at the National Stadium on March 24, but for some athletes it will have added significance. One such athlete is Kingston College's (KC) 800m Class One athlete, Donohue Williams.

Five years ago, Williams graced the Champs scene with a record-breaking run in the Class Two 1500m. He has, however, failed to win an individual medal since then, mainly because of injuries.

KC's middle-distance coach, Hamlin Pagon, is, however, expecting great things from him if he remains healthy this season.

"One athlete we are hoping to do very well this year at Champs is Donohue Williams in the 800m Class One," said Pagon. "The last three years at Champs he has been sick during the meet. So, hopefully, if all goes well and he stays healthy through Champs this year we are expecting him to do well. His training and preparation has been going better than ever," he added.

The 19-year-old Williams also intends to give of his best, especially with this being the 100th year anniversary.

"This is the 100th year so as a team we are going out there focused more than anyone else to go and take the championship, and as for myself, I am going out there to do my best," said Williams. "I have been plagued by injuries in recent years but this year my coach and I have looked at the past and saw what we did wrong and what we haven't done, and 2010 will be a better one. I haven't won the 800m yet, and I think on the 100th year of Champs I owe it to myself, my coach and my family, to prove to everyone out there that I can do it," he added.

Knee injuries

The two-time CARIFTA 800m silver medallist who was plagued by knee injuries forcing him to undergo physiotherapy, confesses that his true love is actually the 400m.

Williams said: "My love is honestly the 400m, and I have done the 800m over the years to help me to do the 400m. When it comes to college scholarships, you don't get 800m, 1500m scholarships; you get 400m, 800m scholarships, so I have to look at what I want to do after high school. I don't want to go to college to do any cross-country, I want to do 800m, 400m, so that is why I have narrowed down and sharpened up on the 800m. I have been running the 400m but I haven't done any competitively, but my times in training have been impressive."

The former St Theresa Prep student, who boasts seven CXC subjects and three in Cape, promises something special in the 4x400m.

"It is going to be a team effort because we have a lot of members on the team who are leaving this year and we all want to win the championship. The 4x400m will be one to watch."