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Moral revolution needed

Published:Tuesday | February 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM


I HAVE been following the work of your columnist Ian Boyne for quite some time and I must say I have the deepest respect for him.

I must commend him for not only giving his unbiased opinion, but for also offering solutions to the problems at hand. I found this week's article, 'When money run things', especially profound. Not so long ago an idea came to me. I would write a letter addressed to the nation highlighting all the problems we are faced with today and offering solutions to these problems.

Beyond corruption

Then, like Boyne, I realised that our problems were more that just economical and went far beyond corruption, the murder rate and our ineffective education system. We need to start at the root of the problem. It important that we touch the hearts of the Jamaican people.

I almost cried when I finally came to the realisation that we have a serious problem that went far beyond anything we imagined, and that the majority of us don't even know it. Many Jamaicans are lazy, selfish and, worst of all, our morals have gone way down.

How can we ever grow as a nation? how can the future of Jamaica become brighter if the people have no desire to change?

I am, etc.,

Concerned citizen