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Bread comments

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Bread #1

Bread quality can be broken down into four areas: crust, texture, aroma, crumb and sweetness. Bread number one exhibits a springy texture and was sweet, so would give it three out of five stars.

Light and fresh, makes a nice breakfast bread.

I found this bread to be too soft to be considered "hard" dough and the crust was also too soft.

It was a little on the sweet side.

Has a very tasty flavour.

Soft and nice, melts in your mouth.

Nothing special, a bit dry but very average.

Was good typical hard dough bread but, not too heavy.

Wasn't exceptional but good bread.

Tasty, but a bit sweet and tight, would give it 3.5 out of 5

Without the butter, I would choke, it is very dry.

I like it, I would give it a 10.

Solid and tastes very good. The ideal type of bread for a family.

It's yummy and oven-fresh. 

Bread #2

Soft and nice and butter complements it.

Has a very nice taste.

It is good.

Not a fan of white bread, but it's good.

liked the consistency of this bread a lot better than number one; it
did not crumble as much it left an unpleasant aftertaste, something
number 1 did not do.

It was too fresh, even with butter.

Not so good, too soft.

Chewy would be great for sandwiches.

Spongy a little too soft with the butter

Harder than the first, but it was nice and yummy.

Was good.

Nice and soft, melts in your mouth.

Was lovely, fresh and nice

Soft and nice.

Never tasted very good, too soft and a bit salty.

It was OK. It tasted just like a normal bread.

Bread number two had good crumb and texture, wasn't too sweet but lacked aroma.

Bread #3

I liked the fact that I actually tasted the wheat in it and it's pretty soft for a wheat bread.

It is soft for a bran bread.

It was very good for a wheat bread, not dry.

Its' OK, good going down.

It is good, soft, which is a surprise to me being that it is a wheat bread.

Too heavy for my liking (even for a natural bran bread). Not very smooth going down.

It did not exhibit the natural taste that bran brings to bread. There was more bread than bran.

I like the texture, but for me it is not healthy enough because it needs more wheat.

It's a bit rough, but that can be expected with a wheat bread. It was a good attempt at whole wheat.

Bread # 4

This is very sweet, don't like that.

Very nice and light, can't have much but I like it.

Was a bit tough around the edges and a bit dry.

It is crusty but had decent gluten development. Sugar was present in abundance, which would colour the taste of anything it was eaten with, not a good trait for me; it gets three out five stars.

It is doughy, not fluffy enough.

Dry and tough, real 'country' bread.

It is good, not too soft and is easy to chew

A bit on the tough side.

Dry and disappointing.

It is not too soft, it is actually firm.

Dry, but not too bad.

It is a bit shelly, loose.

Tastes good, but dry.

It is dry, but has a nice flavour.

Tastes good, dough just right.

Bread #5

It's so good it just melts in your mouth, soft and nice.

This one gets my vote. It has an old style Jamaican baking taste.

It hits the spot, soft and delicious.

Had more shortening in it, this is the best one.

It is kind of moist and not too fresh, I think I prefer this one.

This name bread!

Bread #5 was crusty also, but the gluten was super developed and crumb was seamless. It too was overly sweet, but not as sweet as Bread #4. Aroma was off the scale. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It was very delectable, yummy! I love it and I would definitely buy it.

Tastes like real bread.

I love it and it is very good.

It was a good combination of hard and soft.

Super combination of dough and ingredients. One good slice deserves another.