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Thursday talk

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hell no!

1. After the trip to New York last year, which saw the wife almost creating an interna-tional incident, the husband decided he would fly solo henceforth to avoid any future embarrassment. The wife will have none of it, however, and so even though not invited along for the last outing, she secured her own ticket and turned up at the airport.

Who's paying?

2. The thing bothering most is the fact that at least two of the officials reside abroad! Some are more than perturbed that if the Government is going to be so generous with the taxpayers' dollars, then it should be spent here and not on people who have decided to live abroad!

Expect more pork

3. The recipe for the second term is now being prepared - at least according to the one who privately calls himself the Czar. And, according to him, with funding now secured, the country can now expect a flurry of road-repair activity, housing solutions and lots more pork!

Live-in lover!

4. The wife here sold off her possessions and packed the family heirlooms and all and moved to join the husband in the Garden State. When she got there, however, there was one itsy-bitsy problem that no one had bothered to tell her about: the husband already had a live-in lover, and she was very much pregnant!

Whose benefit?

5. Seems those insisting that the enquiry press along are those with the most to lose. Word out there is that more in govern-ment now got more write-offs than those who were in government at the time!

What's up?

6. Question of the week: Whatever happened to the promised downsizing of the Government?

Why no offer?

7. The two elder statesmen jointly penned correspon-dence offering their services in whatever way they could to assist efforts in Haiti. Well, one found out that the other was appointed to be CARICOM's point man in a newscast. The question uppermost on onlookers' minds is, why the continuing effort to denigrate one of their own?

Tough time

8. Friends of the socialite are on round-the-clock suicide watch - they fear she might do something drastic like that, as she is said to not be taking the break-up well!