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FFP makes big impact on Haiti relief

Published:Thursday | February 18, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Food For The Poor (FFP) has revealed that over the past month, it has been able to provide relief to Haiti through the acquisition and delivery of more than 7,100 tons of food, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, building materials and other goods to support the victims of the January 12 earthquake.

"The 359 containers have provided life-saving goods to those suffering from the effects of the earthquake," the aid organisation said. "The people of Haiti have been provided with more than 20 million meals from the rice, beans, canned goods and water shipped into Haiti."

FFP said it was able to immediately respond to the needs of the Haitians because there were goods in the Port-au-Prince warehouse, containers already in the port, and more containers on the way when the earthquake hit.

Alternative ways to deliver aid

In addition, FFP found alternative ways to deliver aid. The second day after the quake, the agency trucked in from the Dominican Republic five loads of medical supplies. The following day, staff was delivering food and water, and the Monday after the quake, FFP served the first hot meal in Port-au-Prince.

The agency was assisted by 150 members of the Jamaica Defence Force, who provided security for the warehouse, guarding supplies so food and medical aid could be delivered safely to those who needed it most.

FFP/Haiti distribution includes a network of more than 2,000 beneficiaries who are either orphanages, schools, hospitals or beneficiaries, such as associations, parishes, churches, congregations and community groups that, in turn, distribute to other people in need. They usually receive an assortment of products, including rice, beans, canned food, water and personal-hygiene items that allow them to serve the various needs of the destitute, especially those living in the tent cities.

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