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Bethel United hosts men's conference

Published:Saturday | February 20, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hundreds of men from across Kingston, particularly its inner cities, and other parishes are slated to attend a three-day men conference at the Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ on South Camp Road. The conference commenced yesterday.

The sessions, which are being held under the theme 'Men of Valour Taking Dominion', will focus on empowering men to be more responsible in their sexuality, restoring their sociological identity as fathers and providers, and also to stem the tide of violence in society.

The conference will end tomorrow with a special panel discussion tackling issues of male identity, the role of the father in defining their sons and the function of the sociological man.

According to Mortimer Mitchell, national brotherhood president, "The alarming trend in society of men carrying out brutal acts of violence, rape and extortion and losing their identity cannot be ignored any longer, but we must attack the issue at its core.

"We believe that this mandate rests primarily with the Church," Mitchell added.

The conference, which is the brainchild of Bishop Devon Brown, is also being staged as a build-up to the church's 40th anniversary celebrations which get under way officially from April 5-11.

We believe that this mandate rests primarily with the Church. - Mitchell