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Driving tips for golden citizens

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Driving is a skill that takes time, skill, good judgement, patience and making the correct decision at the correct time, in the correct way.

Many golden drivers find it a pleasure to drive their own cars to work, to the supermarket, to the post office or simply to church. As long as they are in good health and are still aware of the rules that govern our roads, they could still be numbered among our able defensive drivers.

"A common mistake made by older drivers includes failure to drive in the proper lane and to clearly observe the stop signs," says Norris Christian, experienced driving instructor.

"They need to be extra careful on the roads and plan their routes properly," he says.

The senior drivers should be fully aware that they need extra care and caution for their own safety and the safety of other road users. Safe driving in today's fast-paced world requires much more from motorists.

- Paul Messam

The following tips can be of great help to our great and respected citizens:

1 Ensure that when you are looking straight ahead while driving you do not have trouble observing the sides of the road.

2 Do not become confused when unexpected events happen while driving uptown, downtown, out of town, or around town.

3 Ensure that you do not have problems seeing objects a few metres away.

4 If a motor vehicle is coming towards you, you should be able to judge how far away it is located.

5 It is important not to 'miss' stop signs, and other traffic signals.

6 In observing the defensive driving rules, golden-agers should avoid getting minor scrapes and dents through reversing within the garage or on the road.

7 Ensure that there is no long delay to get going again after the light has turned green.

8 If you have problems parking your vehicle parallel to the curb, try to get help or seek advice.

9 Take careful note of fire hydrants, children, cart men, bicycle riders, bike riders, other senior citizens.

10 Ensure that you see objects clearly at nights. Safe driving at nights is crucial. Be alert, stay focused, avoid distractions, be patient, be calm and say a prayer before hitting the roads.