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Christopher Irons records 'Buddhist Guy'

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Howard Campbell, Gleaner Writer

For anyone who has attended an exhibition by artist Christopher Irons, they know his presentations are anything but conventional.  Recently, Irons took a break from shocking art patrons to record an album inspired by his lady love.

Buddhist Guy
is the title of the 12-track set which is dedicated to Irons' Ugandan companion, Aisha Mulendwe, who is 19 years his senior. He said his method for music is similar to art.

"There was no particular agenda. Is like you wake up in the morning, you get an idea, it start to flow and you decide to work with it," Irons, 36, explained.

Irons said he had no plans for an album. But after recording
, an erotic homage to Mulendwe, he decided to do a full set for the woman he has been with since 2002.

"She's willing to accept me with all my flaws," he said.

Most of the songs on
Buddhist Guy
are ballads, but are unconventional as Irons' art.

Hi Sir
has a flamenco feel, while
techno sound is reminiscent of the British synthesizer bands of the 1980s.

Guitarists Yekengale and Donald Waugh and Fabulous Five keyboardist, Sidney Thorpe, are some of the musicians who worked on
Buddhist Guy

Music video

A graduate of the Jamaica School of Art, the Buff Bay, Portland-born Irons has been staging exhibitions since 1999 but dabbled in music as well. He sang in a band that specialised in American country music, and once entered the popular Tastee Talent Contest.

Irons' artwork has won him several accolades including the Commonwealth Award in 2002. It has also got him into trouble.

In 2007, his exhibition on the Transatlantic Slave Trade at the Institute of Jamaica outraged patrons. It involved the slaughtering of chickens to signify the suffering of Africans traveling to the New World through the Middle Passage.

Another gory exhibition three years ago in Maravel, Trinidad and Tobago, stirred similar response.

"I wanted to be graphic and frighten people out of their skin," Irons said.

A music video for
is scheduled to be released in March.