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Donovan White: the new face of Digicel's marketing strategy

Published:Monday | February 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Donavan White, head of marketing for Digicel, shows Flair the beautiful view of the Kingston harbour that his company will have when it enters its new home, set to be built in downtown Kingston.- Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Head of Marketing for telecoms giant, Digicel, Donavan White gives the thumbs-up sign to the future home of Digicel. = Rudolph Brown/Photographer

Barbara Ellington, Lifestyle Editor

When former Digicel marketing head, Harry Smith, parted company with the company in 2007, he left rather large shoes to fill. New head of marketing, Donovan White, is planning on doing just that and more.

In a recent interview with
, White, while acknowledging the challenges ahead, said nothing will change under his watch. Digicel will remain a pillar of service to all of its customers, receptive to their needs and giving value for money. He said that Digicel uses a simple equation to attract and retain its customers, that is: ensuring consistency in the best service, best network and best value.

"Service is important to who and what we are, and we recognise that by giving our customers the best experience every time, they will stay with us, become natural advocates for us and continue using our products and services," said White. He spent four years in the Eastern Caribbean and Guyana representing the telecoms giant's interests there. He noted that, even with the differences in cultures of each territory, they all required the same level of reliability and innovativeness that represent part of the core values of Digicel.


As he embarks on the new role, White intends to ensure that the company effectively reaches all its customers all the time with services relevant to their needs. "At Digicel, service is entwined through every fibre of our company. So, day in and day out, from the moment our customers walk into our stores and become part of the Digicel family, their experience is the best every time." White likes the energy at the company, it's in-born (part of the Digicel DNA) and once someone joins the team, they feel it spreading through their body, mind and soul.

Wireless Internet

And as for the much talked about wireless Internet service, that has been in the planning stages for some time now, White says that when it is rolled out, it will transcend all classes of the service now available; be accessible, price competitive and provide national wireless broadband service. "We have listened to customers, done the research, and understood what is affordable. We will do to broadband what we did to mobile in Jamaica - that is - allow more access." He noted that the service will usher in the era of Jamaica's first and only 4G Network, and Digicel is working tirelessly to ensure it's perfect when it comes to market in a few months.

White noted the company will maintain its relevance to the times with the introduction of its wireless broadband service which is just part of the plan for that goal. The 4G Network access will be available via netbook laptops, fixed modems at home and in the handsets through wireless broadband service. Customers will be served wherever they are in the world.

The marketing expert told
he is happy with the way the telecoms landscape has changed for the good of the country. In Digicel's case, there is mobile service in every nook and cranny, with 99 per cent coverage across Jamaica.

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"We have to make ourselves relevant to the people we serve; air time is an intangible commodity so we continue to find ways to deliver the best service, best value and best network to our customers. This is done through our retail store experience, our numerous and convenient ways of topping up, our sponsorships, giving back through the Digicel Foundation and through our customer care department. This way, our customers will continue to make Digicel their mobile of choice, and that is a responsibility I take very seriously."

So, how would he like to impact Digicel? "As having made a positive and indelible contribution to a well established brand," said the father of two. He would also wish to see greater development and collaboration among members of the marketing fraternity in Jamaica. This is something he would enjoy being a part of, especially for the good of the entire country.

On the lighter side, White, who loves a good lyme, spends his free time with his children, taking long drives around the country, thus keeping his creative juices flowing; and he also enjoys cooking.


We have to make ourselves relevant to the people we serve.