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Flogged for infidelity!

Published:Monday | February 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Soloist, Contributor

I have to comment on a recent report coming out of Malaysia that stated in part, "three women have been caned for having extra-martial sex. They are the first women to receive such a sentence under Islamic law in the country. The punishments come, as another Malaysian woman waits to hear where her caning - for drinking beer - is to be carried out," the BBC report said.

The article further states that, "The punishment is to teach and give a chance to those who have fallen off the path to return and build a better life in future,"

Yes readers, in 2010 there is a religion that believes adult women should be flogged for adultery. Wonder what should happen to the men? I have a serious problem with any religion that even tells me what to eat and wear, much less what to do with my own body.

I have an even bigger problem with women who stay in a bad relationship and give 'bun'. No, no, no. I believe women should leave the damn man and resist the urge to give bun even though 99 per cent of the time the poor idiots don't even know something is scorching them! But beating women is not the answer. Were the men involved with these women beaten too? Oops, my mistake. The men made the rules! I hope Jamaican women know how lucky they are. If such a rule existed here, many would be battered and bruised. Enough said.

But one way to get out from under the oppression of men, who can give it but can't take it, is to band together like they do. I went to a lodge function recently and to see the men bond in fabulous friendship with each other, is like watching the feeling of joy on your own man's face when he saw you naked for the first time.

It was very instructive to watch them leaving their private quarters upstairs the hall with their bag of tricks (black briefcases) in hand. I was informed the contents included some sort of ceremonial garb and their books.


I once saw one of the heavy tomes they read, at a friend's business place, and proceeded to open it. He stopped me dead in my tracks with the words, "If you read it, your testicles will fall off." I was so shocked, I quickly said I had none, to which he replied, "that is how powerful the book is." Being a lot younger then, I actually believed, until I learnt otherwise.

The point is, if women got together in secret societies, protected each other, watched each other's backs, opened all sorts of doors to opportunities for each other and supported each others' businesses, spouses and children, we all would be in a better place and no damn man could flog us into submission.

I know there are women's lodges in existence but I don't think we pay enough attention to them. All the men I saw at that gathering hold very powerful positions in this society. In reality, they all looked like members of the 'Viagra club', but they are successful and influential. In other words, it's men like they, in far-off places of the world, who help make oppressive laws for women.