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Hands-on approach

Published:Monday | February 22, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Other than looking unattractive, if your skin is constantly dry, it can crack -. Nashauna Drummond/Lifestyle Coordinator
If you're toiling in the garden or working on machines, a pair of gloves helps keep your hands presentable. - File photos
Even a hand massage can take some of the wear and tear off your hands. A manicure now and then also goes a long way.

Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Of all the body parts, a man's hands are sometimes forgotten in the grooming aspect of life.

But the hands, especially the nails, are just as important as how one dresses. Of course, society's stereotyping doesn't help the shabby treatment of the hands. If you've never heard a person express disdain that a man's hands didn't have corns or abrasions, then you're lucky. Some people expect to see bruises and other signs that, to them, say this is a working man.

But hand care is not just for white-collar workers (office-based men). Even a man who works with his hands (mechanics et al), can still take care of the tools of his trade. Here's how.

You may have a tough time removing dirt from under your nails. A small soft-bristled nail brush, available in most drugstores, makes it easy to scrub out dirt and grease.

If you use scissors or those little travel clippers to trim your nails, consider investing in a nail nipper. Sold at most drug stores and beauty supply shops, nail nippers are recommended by dermatologists because the blade is shaped to match the natural curve of your nails. Remember to rub a hand moisturiser into your nails after trimming them to keep them from becoming brittle.

If you work out at the gym regularly, you may develop calluses. If you've already got tough or callused patches on your hands, soak your hands for 10 minutes to soften the callused skin. Then, use a pumice stone to gently rub off the dead skin on the surface of the calluses. Afterward, be sure to use a moisturising cream or lotion.

Other simple things you can do to maintain those hands:

Try not to bruise your hands unnecessarily like punching hard surfaces if you get angry.

Lotion - A lot of men do not use lotion at all! Try to put some on your hands every day.

Wear gloves to limit damage done to your hands while working out.

And of course, a trip to the salon for a manicure, every now and then, won't kill you. If you prefer, you can just go for a hand massage.

So take care of those hands, fellas, or the women may not want you touching them.

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