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Something extra

Published:Tuesday | February 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Michelle Wilson Reynolds (left) and Coleen Brown Jackson flash brilliant smiles for Something Extra at yesterday's Gleaner Advertisers' Appreciation and Agency Awards Luncheon, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Businesswoman Marcia Mc-Queen is picture-perfect for The Gleaner's Advertisers' appreciation and Agency Awards Luncheon. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer
Intralot Jamaica Country Manager Millicent Lynch (left), chats with Rotary Club of New Kingston executive member Godfrey Boyd, during a recent meeting of the club, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston. Lynch was the guest speaker at the meeting. - Contributed
The fabulous Lisa Hutchinson arrives for Seya Wilson's 21st birthday party at Woodstock in Westmoreland, last Saturday. - photo by Janet Silvera
From left: Jason Robinson; former heavyweight boxing champ, Mike Tyson; singer Damian Marley; and Jason Chantrelle hang out at the recent MTV-SOS Haiti benefit at which Marley performed in Florida, with Nas, the song, 'The Strong Will Continue' from their new album 'Distant Relatives' to be released in April. - Contributed
Mexicans unite at Thursday's Logos Hope official reception.

So much to see and do in such a tiny island ... but we try to keep pace.


HE PROPOSED ... and insiders say the wedding date is March 30? Something Extra says congratulations to Finance and the Public Service Minister Audley Shaw and his fiancée, Susan Duhaney.


My daughter's man?

1.  It's about the meanest thing a woman could do to her man. We are talking about the story on everybody's lips about how the wife deceived her doting husband by trying to make her toy boy look like her daughter's boyfriend. Since the recent discovery, the husband has not been the same and friends are keeping a watch on his mental health.

Pyramid schemes

2.  Unbelievable, but true. There is evidence surfacing that some pyramid schemes have been resuscitated. People never learn, apparently there are still some folks willing to put their money in these risky investments.

Axe coming?

3. The axe is hovering dangerously over the executive's head. Not that many people are surprised because the executive has not been able to get a new contract - instead, the approach is to take it one month at a time.

Stop this ring!

4. Despite new rules for motor-vehicle registration, car-stealing rings are flourishing all across the island. Some are asking why there is no attempt to put the traffic administrators under the microscope. It is understood that car thieves are taking orders for vehicles - make and model - and the thieves deliver them with appropriate documents. How is that possible?

Sand case

5. Remember the hoopla over the stolen sand? Some people are wondering what became of the case.