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Jamaica needs thinking leaders

Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

It was over 2,000 years ago that Mary and Joseph had to travel up to Jerusalem to pay taxes, or was it to take part in a census? I mentioned this because there are some regulations in Jamaica that have not changed since that time, or so it seems.

We are hanging on to certain ways that the British did some things, which were not good, and those that were good we have changed. Take property tax, for instance. I am sent no demand notice, no date of payment, but yet I have to find myself at a tax office to make this payment, too bad if I don't have enough cash with me!

Car licensing is the same, and so is the fitness test. I have to travel a round-trip of 50 miles over pothole-riddled roads to pay these taxes. Yes, I understand that if I am a business person, if I have a computer, if I have a credit card and if I want to take the risk, I can pay my business taxes online, but what about the car and the property tax?

I can pay all other household bills and more with a simple commodity like cash, without any hassle, so why is government business so backward?

Fifty years ago, when I went to England, my late brother, who was there before me, bought a car and I can remember going with him on this 50-mile round-trip (no potholes) into the city of Worcester to license it or, as they say in that country, 'tax' the car! It wasn't long after this that the authorities there came to the conclusion that an easier and more productive way of doing this was to arrange for the tax to be paid at the nearest post office.

Yesterday, February 22, I understand was international thinking day! How much thinking would you say those who we put up as leaders do?

I am, etc.,

H.B. Foster


St Elizabeth