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Are JTB, tourism ministry costly?

Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

It would be appreciated, if you could include, in one of your editorials, relative to the Air Jamaica divestment issue, figures comparing the annual budget of the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) and the Ministry of Tourism, to that of the fiscal losses experienced by the airline in recent years.

An examination of those figures may establish a measure toward weighing the viability of The Jamaica Tourist Board as a marketing tool and the Ministry of Tourism, compared to Air Jamaica. This information could be useful in determining whether to disband both the JTB and the Ministry of Tourism, while retaining the airline and its marketing network as an alternative.

Effective, efficient

The JTB and Ministry of Tourism are cost centres, with little tangible means of assessing their viability. Maybe the functions performed by the JTB and the ministry could be incorporated within the airline, offsetting that overlap.

Certain of the functions of those other two government bodies could be more efficiently served through the private sector.

I recall the years when the airline had posters on billboards throughout New York - one would look at that ad and see not simply an airline, but also a destination. Very effective!! Very efficient!!!

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Queens Village