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Munster quartet remanded

Published:Wednesday | February 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Four persons, including a police sergeant, who are charged in connection with the seizure of 19 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition stolen from the constabulary's armoury, appeared in the Gun Court Monday.

Supreme Court judge Bryan Sykes remanded them until March 10 when their lawyers will make bail applications.

The lawyers said on Monday that the defence was not served with the relevant documents and police statements.

Dirk Harrison, deputy director of public prosecutions, assured the lawyers they would be served with the documents by the end of the week.

The accused are police Sergeant Russell Robinson, and Charles Morris and David Blagrove - civilians attached to the police armoury - as well as Garnett Pennington, another civilian, who is believed to be the owner of the premises on Munster Road, eastern St Andrew, where the seizure was made more than two weeks ago.

The men were arrested and charged last Friday following a ruling by the director of public prosecutions.

Multiple charges

Russell has been charged with 18 counts of illegal possession of a firearm; four counts of breaching the Corruption Prevention Act; one count of illegal possession of ammunition and one count of storehouse breaking and larceny.

It has been alleged that 18 firearms were found inside a motor vehicle which the policeman had driven to Munster Road. Another firearm and 10,200 rounds of ammunition were allegedly found inside the house at Munster Road.

The other men are facing charges of illegal possession of firearms, illegal possession of ammunition and aiding and abetting storehouse breaking and larceny.

Following the seizure, acting Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington ordered the immediate closure of the police armoury and police stores on Elletson Road in east Kingston. An audit was also undertaken.

Lawyers to make bail application on March 10