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Leave people's wardrobes alone

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

I think the introduction of a law against the wearing of sagging pants would be highly ridiculous and draconian and would put an extra strain on an already overworked and overstressed police force.

This popular fashion trend emanated in the United States. Can we blame our young men for following suit, distasteful as it may be, when Jamaicans are so heavily influenced by American culture via their exposure to cable TV? Such a law is also somewhat hypocritical and unfair because, each and every carnival day, year in year out, men and women parade freely and unabashedly on our public streets half-naked. Fashion is a very subjective thing and the fact is that there will always be fashion trends and styles that don't suit certain tastes.

I'm not a fan of sagging pants but I think the Government should stay out of people's wardrobes. There are far more important things to contend with.

I am, etc.,