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Dr Tufton on the right track

Published:Thursday | February 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

It is not very often that we take time out to give credit where credit is due. Instead, we spend much time searching for negative things about individuals and such practices quite often result in psychological conflicts and other unpleasant circumstances.

Since the return of the Jamaica Labour Party to power in 2007, Dr Christopher Tufton has been assigned the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Though having to contend with a little controversy surrounding imported fertiliser on one occasion, Dr Tufton, in my assessment, has been doing a remarkable job for the Jamaican people.

Regulating fishing industry

In the past, fishermen were mainly focused on increasing their catch at sea and this was done at any cost, including the dynamiting of fish. Dr Tufton has spent much time in the media outlining the negative impact that practices like this can have on the island's supply of local fish. He further outlined his strategic plans involving the creation of fish sanctuaries and has been educating the public about the need to preserve our local supply of fish.

I read in
The Gleaner
recently and was quite impressed with the article 'Tufton urges Gov't not to sacrifice farmlands'. In perusing the article, I must agree that much of our farmlands have been used to build houses and other forms of development. We must be cognisant of the need to reserve adequate land for producing enough food for our people. We should be producing sufficient food in order to process some for long-term storage to be utilised in times of disasters - both natural and man-made.

With the current Jamaican population (approximately 2.7 million) slightly above what was projected decades ago, we must endeavour to ensure that adequate supplies of food are always available. We must understand that food is much more expensive in times of disaster, particularly due to scarcity.

Dr Tufton is certainly on the right track and must be given all the necessary support.

I am, etc.,