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Published:Thursday | February 25, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Don calls!

One society lady recently found out that it's not only inner-city dons who prey on young girls, as she recently got a telephone call from one supposedly upstanding high-profile businessman, requesting that she send her daughter over to him for a weekend dalliance!

How's business?

Seems like things in the industry are much worse than are being proclaimed. Why else are some asking, would there be a press conference to highlight what was a procedural error that saw some benefiting from the glitch that caused a spillover?

No more rides!

The little blue pill was supposed to facilitate a night of unbridled passion: now the would-be champion jockey had to have emergency surgery to reduce the inflation, and will never be able to ride again!

Kidnapping fears

Kidnapping jitters are stalking the well-to-do all across the island. Some say that some cases are underreported and cite as an example the recent case of the kidnapping of the son of the businessman, who, instead of paying over the demanded ransom, contacted the 'area don'. As the story goes, the son was returned alive and well, and the word is the kidnappers are still missing!

Lights! Lights!

His colleagues have dubbed him the 'media hog'. As the story is, he goes around soliciting speaking engagements and whenever he is to make a work-related presentation, he demands of the recipients that they have a TV team.

Fun time!

When the wife supposedly went off for Carnival, it was an open secret that she brought along her toy-boy. Not to be outdone, the husband and his 'Cubana' took off on a little spree of their own, which included a stopover in the twin-island republic. The dust is still to settle on this one!

Keep them!

Friends and others are offended that they are now being sent email of pictures of the wedding, after being ignored and left off the guest list for the big day. They say the couple should stay true to their stated ideals and refrain from sending out e-pictures.