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Published:Friday | February 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Give Gomes and Goffe the jobs

Now that Alison Anderson-McLean has 'walked' and the commissioner of corrections is under siege, if both posts are to be filled, I believe that Government should seriously consider appointing Dr Carolyn Gomes or Mrs Susan Goffe to those posts. Government can choose who goes where.

It is clear that these persons are committed to bettering the lot of people generally, and the poor and disadvantaged in particular. I believe that they would bring a driving force to either post.

What I am not sure of is whether they will be able to show us how to carry water in a straw basket, and I for one would look forward to seeing them do so.

- GBM, Kingston 8

Change these ads

There are a few ads by the Ministry of Health shown on national television every day, mostly at nights.

In one, a young man shows another how to put on or use a condom. Nothing is wrong in teaching someone how to do a thing correctly. Then, there is a young woman in a bed and a young man jumps in beside her indicating his intention. So, she asks him: "Do you have a condom?"

Now, any well-thinking person who has been taking a note of these ads should realise that these adolescents are not serious in what they are doing. It's like a mockery. When you look at their body language and the expressions on their faces, it is clear they are just taking these things for a joke.

The Ministry of Health should use more mature citizens, who are serious about moral conduct and principles, to be part of these these commercials, instead of using jokers.

On the other hand, thousands of teenagers and children are seeing these ads and many of them are immature in their thinking; therefore, showing how to use or put on a condom - and jumping in a bed with a young girl - will give them the notion or the impression that they are free to have sex whenever they want - at any age and anytime - even if they are not married - as long as they have a condom.

From a different perspective, these 'sexy, sexy' commercials with the young people on national television, can become a bad influence in the face of rampant, wild sex.

The Ministry of Health should change these ads. Put them in better order, and use mature citizens who are concerned about moral conduct and principles to do them.

- Donald J McKoy, Kingston