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Wayne Chen's US visa cancelled

Published:Friday | February 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dr Kenneth Baugh, minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, is to meet with representatives of the United States (US) Embassy on Monday to discuss the decision to revoke the US visa for Wayne Chen, the chairman of the Urban Development Corporation.

Baugh told
The Gleaner
/Power 106 News that he met with the chargé d'affaires at the US Embassy yesterday and will have a follow-up meeting on Monday morning on the matter.

"We were not able to get much information. The local embassy did not know about it until after the action was taken, so I have no information until Monday when we meet again," Baugh said.

In the meantime, Chen said he was not contacted by the US Embassy prior to the actual revocation of the visa.

No known problem

"I was at the US Embassy up to February 4, at which time I was looking about a visa for a family member and I presented my own passport and visa and there was no indication at that time that there was any problem with my visa," he told
The Gleaner
/Power 106 News.

Chen, who said he had no idea what would have led to the decision to cancel his visa, met with the prime minister and spoke with the head of mission at the US Embassy on the issue.

He is now awaiting the outcome of discussions between the Jamaican and United States governments.

Additionally, he said the decision by the US officials has prevented him from attending a meeting in the US to wrap up a project he had spent four years working on.

Chen, an attorney-at-law, is the proprietor of the Super Plus chain of food stores and the current president of the Jamaica Employers' Federation.