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Sunday Sauce - Those were the 'daze'

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Oxy Moron, Contributor

A reader said she would love to write a 'collom' called 'Those were the days', in which she would reminisce about the good old days in Kingston. A collom of memories. I dare say she has a lot. She sent me her first piece to get my opinion and she also wants to know what you, her fellow readers, think.

So today, I give you an excerpt and, if you believe she is worthy of being a 'collomnist', you may drop me a line. So here goes the piece in its original form, except for the insertion of a few full stops and commas.

"I was born May 3rd 1952. My father was an Soldier. He was in charge of the Military Band, and played the Sacaphone, also a Elictrical Ingineer. He did a lot of Soldering in New Castle, St Mary, and also went to War. He got a lot of medal, the last one in August 6, 1962. I am the only child for He, and My Mother and her common law husband were the Owners for Windward Hardware, which was located next to East Queen Treet Baptist, on East Queen Street. Both parents are now deciesed.

"It so happen i was a what you could call a bastard child. I was born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. At that time my mom was living in Fleet Street, Ray Town. My mom ad placed me on the side walk, because she was upset with my father, who did'nt told her he was married. My aunt who had no children was living next to my mother. She took me up from the side walk, and desided to raise me as her own. As i grew up my personality began to change, looking like my father, who deside he want to raise me, with the help of his wife, thats when i was 3 years old.

"Where he was living in the Mountain View Area was called Long Mountain Road, this would also be another Chapter of those were the days. But For what i can remember of Ray Town, It Was very intresting, and exciting. I can remember the little Cold Supper Shops, My aunt had two, Plus she was also a Curo Vender that she make stuff from straws, like Hats, Hand Bags, etc, to sell to tourists. These cold supper shops would have the old time Jamaican Dishes, Corn Meal Pudding, And Sweet Potatoe Pudding with the custard on top, Scobeach fish, ginger bear, wet sugar, and many other jamaican delicious food.

'Crisoned' at the church

"Like on Sundays and Christmas The Salvation Army Band would march through the Communites in Ray Town and Harbour Street, All dressed up in their uniform. People would be rushing out to see and listen to them, as they Play and sang. I loved the way they played their Drums, Some looking out through their windows. As a matter of fact, i was Crisoned at the Harbour Street Salvation Army Church.

"Ray Town was exciting. In those days, i didn't see much Fridge, and Telivision, and Radios, Except One people rented from Radio Jamaica, So folks like on a Sunday would go to Theatre, Such as Gatey, Palace, and others to Watch Movies. The boys and men would go and see some kind of Cow Boy show or war movie, but there was this kind of Ice Pitch and Ice Box Where people bought buy Ice, There were a few men who puch a cart, and sold ice, they would have the Ice covered up with saw dust, and have their long Ice pick, to chip it.

"I dont know what you would make of this, please feel to comment."