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The Husseys' 55 years of wedded bliss

Published:Sunday | February 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Chester Francis-Jackson, Gleaner Writer

Some people find love very early in their life, and spend their time in perfecting that love and their union. One such couple is Laurie Hussey and his lovely wife Ruth, who on Friday, February 19 celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary with a spectacular celebration at their Beverly Hills home.

Dears, the love shared by Laurie and Ruth is not only legendary, it's inspirational, not only because of its longevity, but the couple's unofficial motto, 'family first', has set them apart from their contemporaries as they have not only empowered their five offspring, but have created one of Jamaica's more formidable business empires, straddling horse racing, real estate, farming, hospitality, dry-cleaning, fashion and, of course, a successful chain of pharmacies.

Laurie and Ruth Hussey have not only nurtured and empowered their offspring and grandchildren, they have redefined the role of the family, making it front and centre of their success over the years. Little wonder, then, that the invitation requesting friends and relatives to join the couple in the celebration came from their five children - Michelle, Charles, Percy, Angelie, and Andrew.

Beautiful marriage

And there was no escaping the love and bond shared by this family too as the invitation made it clear that "together, Laurie and Ruth, found a friendship, raised a family, and built a beautiful marriage", and it was to share in the joyous celebrations that guests were invited to a night of "dancing under the stars", with the rider, "Your love is a treasured gift, we request no other!"

The Husseys are the king and queen of grand entertainment, as they truly do not know how to throw anything but a smasheroni. Well, for this event, their children took up the mantle and followed suit by throwing their parents one fabulous anniversary celebration that was nothing short of a platinum in style and essence!

The fabulous Beverly Hills residence was decorated to reflect the theme of the anniversary, so there was emerald everywhere - from the 'skyboxes' and 'super lounges', constructed to enhance the experience, with their panoramic view of the city to the dance floor and cosy café-style intimate seating.

Dears, on offer was an absolutely fabulous buffet, prepared and served by five of the island's leading chefs, brought in from as far away as Negril, Runaway Bay and Port Antonio; to that fine party elixir appropriately named Champagne, dears, it was one very hot night and a social scorcher.

Dears, it was a gathering of the city's leading citizens. There was a brief ceremony of acknowledgement, chaired by the talented Joan Andrea Hutchinson. The Husseys were joined by their children and their spouses, as well as visiting relatives from Ireland, in the exchange of salutations. Then it was party time and nothing but!

To say Champagne flowed would be putting what transpired rather mildly, but the night belonged to Moët & Chandon, with other premium libations flowing and with Wayne Armond and his aggregation serving up some fine live music and a disco spinning alternative tracks. Guests just simply danced up a storm that not even the droplets of rain that fell could put a damper on the festive mood.


Sharing in the celebrations were
Michelle Hussey
and companion
David Banmiller
, in from Ireland, his twin brother
, also in from Ireland;
Charles Hussey
and wife
Percy Hussey
and wife
Angeline Hussey-Harris
and hubby
Anthony Harris
Andrew Hussey
and wife
's siblings
Wallace Campbell
Valerie Marzouca
Jennifer Lyn
John Marzouca
Mary Daley
, in from Ireland.

We saw Transport Minister and MP
Mike Henry
and his fabulous wife
; Information Minister MP
Daryl Vaz
and his stunning wife,
; Senator
Tom Tavares-Finson
and wife
Chris Bovell
and his
regal wife
; the esteemed
Barclay Ewart
squiring his lovely daughter
Janine Ewart
Diane Lalor
Joe Matalon
and his gorgeous wife
Bernadette McKinley
Jeanne Watson
- she looking positively flawless; racing mogul
Phillip Feanny
and his stunning wife
; the
Susan Alexander

Also out were
Mark Linehan
; the lovely
Ruby Martin
Carol Hadeed
Dawn Azan
; the charmingly elegant