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Pulse Duo Rocks New York

Published:Monday | March 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Sedene is ready for the fall temperatures.
Jeneil ... spiked and groovy
Jeneil in Osman at London Fashion Week.
Pulse model, Jeneil, in Luca Luca

Pulse's dynamic duo of Jeneil Williams and Sedene Blake, arguably the hottest new modelling stars in the world, rocked the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, appearing in a staggering number of shows. Between them, they ripped the runway in New York in close to 40 collections, undoubtedly a record for Caribbean models.

With this success, Sedene who started her international career in November, lived up to Vogue's prediction that she was one of three girls to watch at the shows this year. However, Jeneil was not far behind, appearing in roughly the same number of collections. What is also amazing is that these girls represented many of the most important designers, including Carolina Herrera, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Catherine Malandrino and more.

Jeneil and Sedene are once again heralding a new ascendancy of black models on the global fashion scene. Williams is on the cover of
magazine, currently on news-stands worldwide, as one of the eight hottest models in the world. The magazine has eight covers featuring stunning images of eight superstars: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Amber Valetta and others.

Jeneil has also recently completed assignments for Narciso Rodriguez, Russian Vogue and Loewe. Her colleague Sedene has easily surpassed the record speed at which Nadine Willis began, having booked as her first job, fresh into the fourth day of being introduced to the international market, a 10-page single-girl editorial spread for
Italian Vogue
. She has since done three other editions of
and worked for Calvin Klein.

Both girls are now off to London, Milan and Paris to complete the circuit of shows for the Fall season.

Speaking with
, Pulse head Kingsley Cooper said, "We are thrilled at both Jeneil and Sedene's success and take this opportunity to congratulate them. It is amazing, but also humbling, that Pulse and Jamaica should be the source of such talent and accomplishment. It happened before in 2002, when our girls Jaunel McKenzie and Nadine Willis led an ascendency of black models in the world. Now, once again, of the millions of models working around the globe, fashion's elite are firmly focused on these two Jamaican beauties.

"Their success proves that our young people are our greatest assets and we have it in our power to transform lives. Many years of hard work, perseverance and belief are invested in them and those who went before. Interestingly, they have now transcended the usual barriers. Imagine, the one model to be featured on the cover of the ultra-conservative
Wall Street Journal
is our own Jeneil Williams. It is nothing short of revolutionary. That's totally awesome."