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Finding a job in harsh economic times

Published:Monday | March 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM
An excellent résumé will help greatly in securing the job you want. - Contributed

Reach out to your network
- stay in contact with friends, family members, charity groups and alumni associations so you'll know when a job is available before it's made public.

Make sure your résumé spells it out
- especially if you are switching careers, highlight your skills and not your job titles as they may be irrelevant to your potential employer but your skills will not be. Spell out what skills you have that made you identify with the position in the first place.

Be realistic about pay
- Research the salary range for the post, as well as usual benefits. Don't sell yourself short but be flexible when negotiating remuneration.

Present a portfolio of work
- Carry a portfolio of recent and past work you have done, even if it was not requested, it will give the potential employer an idea of what you can execute.

Search, search, search
- with fewer jobs becoming available many posts may not even make it to the career advertising pages. So search company websites and keep in contact with friends who are employed to companies you may be interested in, so you'll get a heads up.

Broadcast your résumé
- Consider posting your résumé on a local online career website to give yourself more exposure.

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