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FE-MAIL TIES - Mind the gap!

Published:Monday | March 1, 2010 | 12:00 AM

D-Empress, Contributor

What is this world coming to? I sat with a suited and booted colleague the other day, reflecting about artists and their role in our society. He is convinced that artists (anyone artistic, creative) who dare to dream are crazy. His words, not mine!

I beg to differ. Not only because I declared my artist status during my teenage years, but because I believe that we are all artists. You've heard that line before? Yes, we are all artists! Whether we choose to embrace our artistic nature is a different issue, but essentially, our artistic capacity is our inbuilt portal to everyday ecstasy!

Now, before you choke on your morning coffee, I'm not talking about ecstasy of the sexual kind - though should you be so inclined, good for you! I'm talking about the blissful state of mind that we can enter at any given moment through creative focus.

As I sat in the salon this week, I saw Beyoncé's music video with Lady Gaga where she and her cavorting companions looked like cut-out dolls. I stopped myself from reeling in abject despair as I normally would, as it occurred to me that much of Beyoncé's success is probably due to her unrivalled ability to make-believe.

It's clear that her air-brushed, digitally enhanced, slick image is a production process of note. However, no matter how talented the make-up artists, video editors and others are, she would not pull it off if she herself had not mastered the art of making the unreal - well, real!

That's why some would say she's a supremely talented artist3. Probably not in the technical musical sense, but as a magician who can reduce grown men and women to a dribbling mess!

The reality is that Beyoncé has almost become an ubiquitous symbol of femininity and sexuality among today's young women. As mothers, we fear for our daughters and sons as Beyoncé sets the benchmark for the dream woman. Apart from the gender equity issues, we also know that it is simply irrational to aim to imitate something that is not real. Worst still, when our sons measure real women against her razor-sharp cut-out thighs.

Flaunting image

Let's face it, Beyoncé is a social phenomenon. She's been around for years and is not going away any time soon. So, let's work with her.

Scratch beneath the image that Beyoncé flaunts, and we may be able to see her invitation to us to create and explore our own dream space! It's a fabulous place to be! Not only as an escape valve from everyday mundane activity, but our personal dream spaces to create and recreate our future - every single day.

When we allow ourselves to go there, we can explore the gap between our everyday reality and the dreamscapes we create. Therein lies the exciting opportunity. Go for it, just mind the gap! Thank you Beyoncé!

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