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I told you - Rowe

Published:Tuesday | March 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

After months of warning that the United States would not take kindly to Jamaica's delay in signing the extradition request for west Kingston strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, University of Miami Professor David Rowe is now saying, "I told you so".

Rowe, a Jamaican attorney who practises and lectures in the United States, has repeatedly argued that there was nothing to cause the Government to delay its signing of the request.

On the weekend, Rowe warned that the decision by the US to cancel the visa of businessman Wayne Chen could be linked to the failure to extradite Coke and a process of punishing persons believed close to the administration.

Yesterday Rowe told
The Gleaner
that the annual narcotics report reflected the major concern in Washington about the inordinate delay in the Dudus extradition.

"This is an official vindication of my analysis that the gross mis-handling of the Dudus matter may constitute obstruction of justice in the United States," Rowe told
The Gleaner

"The academic and diplomatic community in the United States is deeply concerned about the possible connection between drug trafficking and the Government."

Rowe warned that other high-profile Jamaicans with suspected links to the Government could have their US visas revoked.