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Who is the real 'driva'?

Published:Tuesday | March 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

Once again, Sunday's editorial was right on spot. Prime Minister Bruce Golding is very fond of

characterising many Jamaicans

as behaving like ostriches

for delaying and failing to deal head-on and forthrightly with

the debt millstone and other economic issues

that are strangling this country's growth potential.

How ironic and uninspiring, therefore, to see

Golding imitating the very behaviour he scoffs at.

He continues to do an ugly dance by skirting and dithering on

the 'celebrated' extradition case that, make no mistake, will become his defining moment in leadership, one way or another. Golding was hoping that the issue would simply go away after the proverbial 'nine days'.


Sunday Gleaner

editorial was very kind in questioning the prime minister's "will, if not his sincerity".

The truth is that sincerity is unyielding in finding a way to accomplish what it wills.

So far, all we have seen from our prime minister on this extradition matter is stalling, excuses, silence and hiding behind the legal gymnastics of his justice minister.

Prime minister, who should we believe is the real 'driva' in this country? Who is the real big man?

I am, etc.,