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RGD provocation

Published:Tuesday | March 2, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

I would like to advise Patricia Holness, head of the Registrar General's Department, to take a closer look at the complaints that clients are making through various media. It may help her to make more realistic and comprehensive responses when queries are made.

I have had many not-so-pleasing encounters with this department and will state the most recent at this juncture. On February 4, I registered a document at the Mandeville office and applied for copies of the said document on February 8 through a three-workday system.

On the 11th, when it should have been ready, I went to the place to which I was sent to collect the package. It had not arrived. Allowing two more workdays, I returned on February 15, at which time I was referred to the regional office for a search to be done. I was informed that the document could not be located, hence the delay. I was given a phone number to call and a reference number to quote when I called. After a week, when I called the number, I got no response, so I called the office, only to be told that it was still not located. I referred the officer to the number that was given to me.

After waiting for two weeks, I called all the office numbers, only to be guided by an animator, but getting no one to speak to. In anger, I started the whole process all over the following day, only to end up on an extension line to the Kingston office, where the representative expressed shock when I told my story. She told me that it should reach Mandeville by that time (while we were speaking) and where I should go to receive same.

A burning shame

I went down immediately and received the package on February 23. On observation, I saw where it was issued on February 22. I then went back to the regional office for a refund of the express fee, just to be told that there was no money to pay me so I should return in a week and a half's time; all this against the argument that it is their policy to refund in cases like these. Altogether, I made six motor-car trips and 15 phone calls to get this document, which I was told I would get in three workdays.

Is this not a burning shame and a provocation?

I am, etc.,