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Published:Wednesday | March 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Yesterday's main news story, 'Dudus threat', which highlighted the United States' position on Jamaica, has sparked an avalanche of comments from Gleaner readers on the Internet ( Here are just a few of them:

Don't fail the people

Dudus must be extradited to face allegations of criminality. If this government fails in meeting its obligation to international law it would have failed the people of Jamaica. This is the result of dirty politics that has been a part of Jamaican culture for years.

- Richard Clarke

Don't condemn Gov't!

Why are we quick to condemn our own government? Are we privy to all the facts in the case? Is he guilty of the charges?

What about the alleged witness who sent the guns to Jamaica, shouldn't we ask for his extradition to face murder charges in Jamaica?

- Bob

Careless gamble

What a careless gamble with the life of the Jamaican people and the country's reputation, all over one man.

- Jam2

Loans in danger

Could all of this be the reason why Wayne Chen's visa was recalled? We need to hear from the minister of security and the minister of justice. And, the nation should demand an explanation from the prime minister. Make no bones about it, Jamaica depends on the USA for survival and we need to get the air cleared before the IMF and other lending institutions, which America contributes to, and have a very powerful say in, start having second thoughts about lending us money.

- Dranks

Time to give up

Time to give up Dudus, Mr Prime Minister, before it is too late. This issue is not going away. The country and law-abiding citizens are in for a series of embarrass-ments. Your credibility is being severely battered by this Dudus affair. It is time to give him up.

- Gorgo

Remain strong

It's time the Jamaica government stands up to USA and do not just hand over Jamaicans to them.

- Mike

What price?

In this age of globalisation, there is only one don - the USA. With the acknowledged transnational nature of organised crime, there is only one country with the resources required to match the awesome wealth of the narco-dealers - it is not Jamaica. He who pays the piper still calls the tune - sovereignty not-withstanding. The late Michael Manley was forced to accept that geo-political reality. You do not dis any don (local or international) and not pay a price.

What price is the chief servant prepared to pay, and for how long?

- JA Cynic

How long, Madam?

Jamaica's corner is very dark. The time to extradite has long passed. How long, Madam Attorney General? Please extradite. Put in place the necessary security arrangements (not that the Government has been doing a good job at security).

Ready the army and proceed with the extradition.

- Johnny

Worried Jamaican

I am worried, as a Jamaican today, to see our leader under fire because of one man. I don't know which way my country is going. Something needs to done. If the minister of justice cannot sign the document for the extradition she should resign her job and get out of the way because things are getting bad.

- Altonfarquharson

Watch for US travel advisories

In a prior post, I posited that relations between the US and Jamaica could deteriorate if the extradition request for Coke was not handled in a timely manner. I also hinted that one reason the US has not yet named an ambassador to Jamaica might be because of this.

While there's nothing in this article to suggest the latter point, pressure is being brought to bear with the release of the International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, which has basically found Jamaica wanting. If there's no resolution on the Coke extradition request soon, then expect this to become a much bigger deal in the US media than it currently is.

Don't be surprised if the US State Department decides to issue travel advisories to Americans travelling to Jamaica and watch the tourism industry start to suffer. At some point, the dithering and hypocrisy (by the Golding administration) must end with regard to this matter.

- TrevDiMan

Hand over the man!

It is clear to any Joe on the streets that it is hard in the face of justice to extradite people who have never set foot in the USA. We should never have made ourselves so dependent on any one country. We now face the consequences. This is the same government which voted to have Air Jamaica closed since they prefer to depend on US carriers who can always cut us off. Alas, we cannot risk sanctions and being without food, as Cuba cannot feed us and we cannot feed ourselves - hand over the man!

- Famous5