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PICA Corner - Passport FAQs

Published:Wednesday | March 3, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Passport FAQs

Do I have to write a letter or can I just hand the receipt to someone to collect my passport?

Applicants who wish to have another person collect a passport on their behalf must give the authorised individual:

1. A signed letter of authorisation giving that person permission to collect the passport.

2. The official receipt for the passport.

The person authorised to collect the passport must also present, for him/herself, an acceptable form of identification such as a national identification card, driver's licence or passport.

In the case of minors (under 18 years old):

1. A signed letter of authorisation from the parent or guardian who gave consent for minor to obtain a passport.

2. An acceptable form of identification for the parent or guardian who gave consent.

3. The official receipt for the passport.

The person authorised to collect the passport must also present for him/herself an acceptable form of identification.

Would I need to come to the offices of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency in Kingston to apply for a passport?

All applications must be submitted to our office at 25C Constant Spring Road or the Montego Bay office at 49 Union Street in Overton Plaza to be processed. Applicants residing outside Kingston and St Andrew can have their application pre-checked at an immigration office, in which case the applicant need not appear personally at the office in Kingston. His or her application would then be sent to the office in Kingston to be processed.

Is it possible for me to get a passport without a photo ID?

Passport issuance is based on credible information and, therefore, all persons applying for a passport, especially first-time applicants, are required to provide one of the following photographic forms of identification:

1. National identification card

2. Driver's licence

In the case of persons doing renewals, the previous passport would be acceptable as identification.

Other photographic identification such as a work or school ID is subject to approval by a passport officer.

When taking your photograph for a passport, is it OK to bleach your face, dye your hair or wear extensions and false eyelashes?

Passport photographs should be a true representation of the applicant at the time the application is being made. If there are major changes subsequently in the appearance of applicant, such as skin pigmentation, the holder of the passport may experience some difficulty in presenting it as a valid form of identification. Other cosmetic changes such as the dying of the hair do not significantly alter the person's appearance.

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