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Published:Thursday | March 4, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

West opulence

1 Friends who visited the palatial residence out west all marvelled at the opulence. Now that word has surfaced that some US$20 million went missing on the development project, they are not at all surprised.

No ambassador

2 Some are starting to question the reasons behind the foot-dragging behind the much-anticipated announcement of the new ambassadorial appointment, especially since the man in London has been home since mid-December.

Joy time!

3 Some say the news of the denial of the extradition request was met with salutes in many inner-city communities as 'shottas' celebrated.

No deal

4 The story is yet another promise has been broken and the offended parties are not at all amused that there will be no 'sweet' deal; a lot of choice Jamaican words were used to underline the displeasure.

Still waiting!

5 Many of the disgruntled people are around these days, as many were approached and asked to serve on boards; at least one offered a certain appointment; another promised a cushy job with perks, but to date they are all still waiting!

Stay out!

6 When the wife heard the husband was out shopping around for a new car for her, she was overjoyed. The joy turned to ridicule when he brought home a new broom! He now complains, 'The Witch' has locked him out of the bedroom.

Usual suspects

7 As talk of lists and more lists circulates, one very highly placed one was overheard asking at a recent cocktail party: "What do the people supposedly on the list all have in common?" His answer: "It's a case of the usual suspects."