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Misrepresenting the flag

Published:Friday | March 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor
, Sir:

Have we any pride in our national symbols, in particular our national flag that continues to be misrepresented physically?

Or is this just another example of our 'chaka chaka' behaviour as a people/nation in too many respects, where any and everything, however reprehensible or wrong it may be, goes?

I continue to see our flag, or replicas thereof, being used even in official circles, such as on certain public buildings and on government websites and documents, where the diagonal cross is being represented by the colour yellow rather than being depicted as gold, as is officially sanctioned.

If there has been an official change to the national standard, it behoves the authorities to so advise. However, the website of the Jamaica Information Service, which depicts the flag with the colour yellow in many instances, continues to describe our flag as black, green and gold, as I have always known it to be.

The continued practice of misrepresenting the flag, especially at the highest levels of our land, is most distasteful, if not downright dishonourable.

I submit that the Government should take immediate responsibility to ensure that only the appropriately depicted flag (black, green and gold) is used in, at the very minimum, any public manner in Jamaica.

I am, etc.,