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Why sacrifice Jamaica?

Published:Friday | March 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor,

I really admire leaders who will stand up and defend a country's sovereignty and constitution, especially when it's justified and against the big bully, the USA. However, there comes a time when good sense must prevail.

As it relates to the extradition of Christopher Coke, there seems to be more than just a case of defending the rights of a Jamaican and the country's sovereignty. Why are we afraid to let the court decide if a
prima facie
case has been made to warrant an extradition? It leaves us to speculate if it is more for the selfish interest of one seeking the approval of a community for political gain and not the interest of the accused. By not letting the law take its course we are doing more harm to Coke than good.

When it suits us, we hold on to the constitution to support our political agenda and hypocritical need for self-preservation. Whose right are we protecting by not allowing the courts to decide if Coke should be extradited? Every accused person should have his day in court for it to decide whether he is guilty or not. This will prevent the speculations and, by extension, the character assassination of a man who might very well be not guilty.

Then there is the right of the rest of us Jamaicans who might be affected directly or indirectly by this saga.

Mr Prime Minister, please let good sense prevail. Give the man his day in court, and if the court decides there is no case to answer, then you can tell the Americans to go address their problem of continued need for drugs and the supply of guns to Third-World countries.

I am, etc.,


Greater Portmore

St Catherine