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Dr Cadiz to make change at JAMCEN Wellness Fest

Published:Friday | March 5, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Dr Sharon Cadiz, director of the Clinical Consultation Programme at the Office of Child and Family Health in New York, will be returning to Jamaica for her second session at the JAMCEN Health and Wellness Fest that is set to take place on Sunday, March 7 at Brumalia Road in Mandeville, Manchester.

Her presentation, Making Change: Starting and Sustaining Self-Care Practices that Support Health, Wellness and Work-Life Balance will challenge individuals to become proactive in the pursuit of personal wellness and work-life balance. In our fast-paced environment it has become increasingly more difficult to maintain balance with work, personal pursuits, family and relaxation.

Targeting women

The women in our society are the ones who get caught up in this triangle as they are the main source of nurturing to their children, husbands, parents and themselves. Her session will present a variety of ways to transform self-care practices into the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.

The ultimate goal is to create communities of healing where support is accessible and the well-being of all becomes the agenda for change. Her session will be packed with lively discussions, experiential exercises and demonstrations to show the practical ways to integrate healthy habits and sustain them through person-centered, value-driven, culturally relevant action plans and mutual support.

Dr Cadiz may be reached at Sharon.cadiz@dfa.state.ny.us