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Pull over at Truck Stop

Published:Saturday | March 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Truck Stop's laid-back ambience sets the tone for a night of enjoyment and relaxation.

Elisabeth Salmon, Gleaner Writer

Whether it's to blow off some steam after work or just to catch up with friends, Jamaicans are always looking for a new place to hang out. With so many options, where do you choose? This week, Truck Stop rolls into
The Spot

Truck Stop may be a well-publicised franchise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but here in Jamaica, this open-air bar and eatery prides itself on the word-of-mouth advertising. Despite its location close to the heart of Kingston's nightlife, Truck Stop has managed to maintain its appeal by offering a hideout of sorts for regulars, complete with high fencing and adequate security. Simply put, the lyming here is different, no corporate world hustle and bustle.

Basic Operations Manager Krystal Murdock describes the food at Truck Stop as "street food served on china", and judging by the crowds indulging in the diverse menu offerings, one can see why. The on-site, wood-fire grill turns out entrées ranging from jerk chicken and pork to garlic shrimp and conch, items sure to cater to foodies. Meal prices range from $350-$1,500.

Other fare

A bevy of local favourites, such as breadfruit, plantain and festivals, are also served up as side orders. The dining experience is enhanced by the natural decor of cut wooden liquor barrels used for seating, a signature of Truck Stop's main sponsor, Appleton Jamaica Rum.

If a bellyful is not you're intent, Truck Stop is equipped with a full-service bar well stocked with wines, spirits and beers. Perhaps most notable, however, are the five signature truck-inspired cocktails whipped up by Truck Stop's bartenders, namely Diesel Fluid, Flat Bed, Wide Load, Trailer Hitch and the Truck Stop. The Truck Stop - a sweet fusion of cranberries, cherries and Appleton Rum - is one of the most ordered cocktails.

Truck Stop now offers on-site catering and staff for small and large events.

Mouth-watering jerk chicken.

The Truck Stop - a delightful mix of cranberries, cherries and Appleton Rum - is one of five signature drinks.

Quick Facts

Dress code:

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Highly recommended drink:
The Flat Bed is Truck Stop's most ordered cocktail.

Jerk chicken may not seem special to Jamaicans, but Truck Stop's unique blend of natural herbs and spices, alongside its smoky wood-fire grill, puts this spicy dish ahead of the game.

General info

Truck Stop is located at 18 West Kings House Road.

Opening Hours:
7 days a week, including holidays - Sundays to Thursdays, 5 p.m. to 12 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Kasanya Williams (left) and Stacey-Ann Thompson enjoy their drinks on a Friday night at Truck Stop.

If you're looking for a cocktail with a kick, this mix of blue ciroc and lime juice called the Flat Bed is sure to please.

Enjoy a drink, a meal, or both, in Truck Stop's signature barrel seats.