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PM acted admirably

Published:Saturday | March 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM

he Editor
, Sir:

As far as I am concerned, Prime Minister Bruce Golding has failed in his leadership of our country. He and his administration have done zilch in doing the things he promised, especially curbing crime. In many instances, his government operates in similar fashion to the former People's National Party (PNP) administration. One could easily be misled into thinking the PNP is still in power.

With the above said I, however, have to applaud Mr Golding for his stance on the extradition issue in protecting the rights of one of his constituents. The evidence that the American administration has presented against 'President Dudus' (Christopher Coke) could not stand the sniff test in the United States (US) or any other jurisprudence. An Opposition spokesman suggests that this extradition matter should have been dealt with by the courts. Again, I agree with Mr Golding for not sending this matter to the court.

Simply put, our 'wholesome' courts cannot be trusted to protect the rights of our citizens. Under this and the former PNP administration our courts have extradited some of our citizens on weak, flimsy evidence which, if presented in a US court for the extradition of an American citizen, could not hold up. I think that the Oppo-sition and the Government should close ranks making sure that our laws are followed and the rights of our citizens (some whom are no saints) are protected. We will withstand any pressure that America government will exert on our nation.

I am, etc.,